Biography of Janine

Janine Wrzesniewski

Janine & Patches

Janine Wrzesniewski is President of Acupuncture at Kennett Square, LLC, and its sole practitioner.

Born in Vineland, New Jersey, Janine explored two careers previous to healthcare: Social Work and Computers.  Her Social Work responsibilities involved vocational rehabilitation for the disadvantaged.  With Computers, Janine excelled doing contract work for NOAA and NASA with Programming, Troubleshooting, and Customer Support.  Her husband, a retired Coast Guard Officer, likes to say Janine has code in space.

Despite her other successes, Janine was always drawn to healthcare.  She became a Massage Therapist in 1989, a Licensed Acupuncturist in 1992, and a Functional Nutritional Therapist in 2004.

She has been the sole proprietor of two thriving healthcare practices (Maryland; 1992 through 1997) and (Hawai`i; 1997 through 2014).  Janine uses her quarter-century of clinical experience to help people in  the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey area, opening Acupuncture at Kennett Square, LLC, in July, 2015.

Her acupuncture is both ancient and modern. Her nutritional knowledge is cutting edge. Both have their roots in age-old tradition, yet both employ modern sensibility.