Fire is the spark of life. It warms and circulates the blood and Chi. It represents the fullest expression of yang.

Fire is associated with these officials (organ systems): The Small Intestine, the Triple Warmer, Circulation/Sex (Pericardium or Heart Protector), and the Heart itself. These four officials–aspects of the Fire Element–govern the body’s circulation system including the metabolic regulation of body temperature which is necessary for proper digestion of food in the small intestine and for blood circulation.

The Fire Element corresponds to the season of summer. It’s emotion is joy which expresses itself in partnership, compassion, warm relationships, intimacy.

An imbalance of the Fire Element may cause such physical difficulties as hypertension, sexual dysfunction, metabolic situations such as thyroid abnormalities, as well as trouble with speaking and communication. A Fire imbalance can also be associated with anxiety, feeling scattered in thought, and an inability to focus. Often, people express their awareness of the presence of this energy when they say “I feel fired up” or “I feel burned out.”