Maintaining Wellness; Vitality and Balance for Your Good Health


Janine’s Approach:

Work with a patient’s immediate distress
Always address deeper-levels of imbalance
Establish a routine maintenance program


Many types of Acupuncture relieve symptoms in one or just a few treatments. Beyond symptom relief, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture effectively addresses the root cause of an illness, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  A holistic approach, aided by unique five-element acupuncture diagnostic tools, can be vital to maintaining wellness.

Along with an examination and a thorough discussion of someone’s overall health, Janine uses the 12 Pulses to develop a Five-Element Diagnosis and Treatment Plan.

Taking an integrative healthcare approach, she uses acupuncture, limited massage, nutritional guidance and testing, acupoint aromatherapy, and discussion of lifestyle options to partner with a patient in the transformation of their health.

If appropriate, she uses direct moxabustion to warm an acupuncture point.

Janine incorporates her musculoskeletal knowledge and therapeutic massage techniques to relieve pain and improve range of motion.  While no longer a practicing massage therapist, her 26 years of massage training and experience is most helpful.