Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutritional Therapy is based on the concept that each of us has biochemical individuality. We all need and deserve a diet that is rich in nutrient-dense food that optimizes our own, individual nutritional needs.

To develop a Personalized Nutrition Program, an interview to assess your concerns, a food review, and a non-invasive functional exam are conducted during a private, confidential session.

A profile of your nutritional strengths and weaknesses emerges through this process, and your diet is discussed. As part of the functional exam, different nutrients are tested and recommended if deficiencies are found.

A diet of clean, whole foods, properly prepared to maintain nutrient density is a major foundation for optimal health.

If there is a deficiency in any of the foundations: digestion, hydration, fatty-acid and mineral balance, absorption, elimination, or blood-sugar regulation, there will be symptoms of imbalance and disease. Often an improved diet in itself will have amazing results.

Individualized recommendations for balancing the body and promoting optimal wellness can radically improve your health and quality of life.