Spring, a time of rebirth.  Plants burst forth with seemingly effortless splendor.  The energy of Springtime expresses the powerful, upward rising Chi of the Wood Element.

Spring, a time of creation and development.  After a long season of cold, darkness, and relative hibernation, Spring is an emergence into greater light.  A time for the start of new plans, for movement, and for increased energy to act upon ideas–new visions–with greater mental clarity.  A time to dream new dreams.  A season when dreams blossom.

The season of Spring Cleaning.  Time to throw open the windows for fresh air and morning sunlight.  Everything is moving in all directions.  Roots dig deeper and branches reach higher, both for more nourishment.

The liver and the gall bladder, the organ systems of the Wood Element, are at their peak of energy in Spring.  This is a good time to do a cleanse, to give these two organs a tune-up.  Eat lots of greens.

The liver is the largest internal organ.  It stores and distributes nourishment for the entire body through the formation and breakdown of blood.  It filters toxins–unusable materials from the blood.

The gallbladder stores bile made in the liver which aides in the breakdown of fats and assists the small intestine in its ability to absorb fatty acids.

In Spring, the wind, which characterizes the Wood Element, clears the old and brings in the new, fresh air.  Spring is the transition from closed, dark rooms to open, bright gardens.

In Spring, all life is restored.