It’s December, and I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Janine, every 2 to 3 weeks, since May, 2017.  I have found that Janine listens closely to my issues and adapts my treatment as needed.  The sessions have been successful in reducing my blood pressure and in virtually eliminating chronic headaches that have plagued me for a number of years.  At 67, I can’t say that I feel like I am in my 30s again, but Janine’s treatments have been a nice compliment to my traditional medical care, which was not able to reduce my blood pressure to its current levels or eliminate the chronic headaches.  I heartily recommend that anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with the ability of their traditional care team to give acupuncture with Janine a try.  She’s also a very knowledgeable nutrition advisor.  In addition, my daughter also went to Janine prior to her successful Invitro Fertilization.  I have heard that Janine has a good track record with this.

H. G.,
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

I sought out acupuncture for general wellness and a chronic hip issue.  Janine was friendly, thorough, and very knowledgeable.  She helped to address the blockages and tightness that had been causing my issues using several types of treatment.  I can now  sleep on that hip whereas before it would be too painful  I would go to acupuncture every week if I could!

E. B., Pennsylvania

Janine, THANK YOU!!!

My headache is finally gone! Yesterday I felt so much better, just a slight lingering, and I slept so well. Today I feel alive again.

Thank you for seeing me so early.

P. A., Kennett Square

I’m 84 years old and, after surgery, suffered for over a year and a half with low back pain.  After the third Acupuncture treatment with Janine, the pain is gone.  You’ll probably start hearing from my friends and family.

R. G. C., Rising Sun, Maryland

My initial visit to Janine’s practice can best be described as thorough and highly effective.  She took great care to listen and understand my health concerns, thus her treatments are targeted, improving my pain level and other health issues.  I drive over an hour to Kennett Square from New Jersey for each appointment, but it’s well worth it, because of the focused care and time Janine spends with me.  Janine is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional, someone I fully trust.”

M. C. G., Retired School Principal


Janine Wrzesniewski, acupuncturist and nutritionist, is the first health professional who carefully listened to me and then advised me about health care in an informative useful way. The treatments and sharing are easy to embrace—and follow.

H. M., a healthy 85-year-old in Hawai`i


I wanted to let you know how much your acupuncture treatments have helped alleviate my migraines. Head injury migraines are debilitating, and recovery from my Iraq injuries has been slow and tedious.

I was treated with conventional medical treatment, guided imagery, massage, and acupuncture before seeing you. Nothing helped. Until you started treatment, I thought my life was going to be one headache after another.

You are the only practitioner of the Five-Element style acupuncture on island here. From my own experience, this style is so different and so much more effective than other styles that I’m still in awe of it. Within the first two treatments I noticed a huge difference in how I felt as well as a noticeable lessening in frequency of my migraines. By the time we finished our sessions recurrence decreased from every other day to once a week and even less. The severity of the migraines was reduced and they responded to my medications better as well. I even started sleeping without awakening every hour. For an Iraq vet—that alone is priceless.

Your peaceful office is so much in contrast to the busy, hectic acupuncture offices I was sent to by the VA and the Army before finding you! I could never fully relax with the practitioner always rushing toward the next patient, not truly interested in my care. It felt more like ‘cookie cutter” acupuncture, like a business rather than a healing modality.

In contrast, you did a thorough interview before starting treatment and always took your time, gearing your treatment individually to my needs. Your treatments had no comparison with what I was used to. What a huge difference!

I will sorely miss you when you move from Hawai`i! Anyone who has you as their acupuncturist in Pennsylvania is very lucky!

Aloha and Mahalo,
H. M., D.O., Army Surgeon, LTC USA (ret.)

Dear Janine,

I am both happy and sad to hear that you will be moving away from Hawai`i, finding another place for the next phase of your life. I want you to know how significant you have been to my time in Hawai`i. Without your skills, compassion, and help, I would not have recovered as I did. I attribute my wellness to you; the years you worked with me were very critical; and, even though I have not needed to see you in recent years, I practice many of the lessons I learned from you. We will miss you as a healer and a wonderful person. We wish you the very best as you start your new life in Pennsylvania.

 Much Love, M. DG.
Assoc Professor, Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies, Univ of Hawai`i

I am a stained-glass builder in Hawai`i. Due to repetitive work, my fingers became numb, and I could not close my hand to even hold a pencil. Previously I had gone to a Doctor and gotten a shot in my hand that seemed to take care of it, but it hurt worse than you can imagine. Several months later another finger was numb, and a second shot did not work. I was informed that the next step was to have an operation. I decided to go holistic with therapeutic massage. My massage therapist said I would get better results from acupuncture. My answer was ‘NEVER,’ as I am extremely afraid of needles of any kind. I knew I could never go to an acupuncturist no matter what, as it felt like volunteering to get poked, and I did not believe it doesn’t hurt. I already regretted the shots in the hand.

One day, as I am at wits end, my friend takes me to Janine. I am in tears, as I don’t want to be there but feel I have no other choice. As I talk with Janine, I am still so fearful of the needles that I cry and jump at every touch. Janine was so tender and understanding. She talked me through each treatment taking extra time to soothe and calm me. I am sure it was just as hard on her to have such a distraught patient. So, after the first treatment, I could not believe how I felt—that I had been in so much pain for so long and to have it gone. I found that without the constant nagging pain I had gotten used to, the world was brighter, I had more patience, mundane activities weren’t such a nuisance and I had less reason to complain about things. Though I still have my fear of needles and am overly sensitive, I maintained my treatment as instructed and the feeling in my hand came back, as my nerve endings improved with better chi, flow.

A friend asked why I kept going back for acupuncture treatments if I was already better. I explained that it was to maintain what I had achieved in getting better and to deal with other issues that needed improvement in balancing my chi and overall health. Though one specific issue brought me to Janine, in the end I looked forward to every appointment because I knew I would come away, always BETTER; physically, emotionally, and balanced.

I will sorely miss Janine. She cares and really takes the time to know her client. I believe I was lucky to get a talented, thorough, and caring practitioner for the first time who helped me work through my fears and achieve a better path to my overall health. Thank you so very much, Janine.

C. T-M., Kaneohe, Hawai`i

To Whom It May Concern: Janine is not a typical, Western acupuncturist. The difference is that she tries to get the patient healthy and in-balance so one does not get ill. It is not just a quick, one-time, pop-the-pill type of solution to ailments.

If you continue long enough with Janine, you begin to understand the delicate balance of how you eat, you think, you move; they all influence how your body feels and your physical symptoms.

Ten years ago, I was very sickly with constant head congestion and recurring bronchitis. I had taken various antibiotics over a year. I was a highly stressed, workaholic, mother of an elementary school-aged daughter, whose husband had unexpectedly passed away at age 50. Suppressing my emotions and my thoughts of loss, I pushed on to continue the pace of life as an engineering project manager and a working, single mom.

Initially I went to Janine for relief and a good night’s sleep. After awhile, I noticed that I no longer took antibiotics and my energy levels were slowly being replenished.

Janine helped me to regain my health and my life. She analyzed my condition through acupuncture and various analytical laboratory tests. It showed that my adrenal glands were totally depleted and overworked. My nutritional levels were poor.

It has been a slow climb back toward better health. Through both acupuncture treatments and nutritional supplements with Janine’s patient, loving guidance in lifestyle changes, I have regained my life back.

It has gotten to a point where I see Janine on a monthly basis to maintain my wellness regimen. It was with deep regret that I saw Janine leave Hawai`i, for I lost a precious gem. Janine is a wise, kind, loving Soul that will respect your space, and leave it up to you to decide how much you want to do at that particular stage of your life. Stick it out and give her the time to help you. I have no regrets that I did so. I hope that you too will give her the opportunity to help you in your journey back toward better health and life.

K. C., U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

I’ve seen Janine on a regular basis during trips to Hawai`i for many years. I book my trip and then immediately reserve an appointment time with her. As an acupuncturist myself, I’m very happy with the treatments that she gives, and I usually learn some new aspect or viewpoint from our discussions every time. I’ve referred many of my friends to her care, as well as both my parents and my two sisters. I tell people, that, as you get older, you can either take more and more medications or you can do regular maintenance and preventive care such as acupuncture.

L. C., M.Ac., L.Ac., MBA, Seattle

I ALWAYS get great value from your treatment. I am fortunate in that all things have worked out well for me. My challenges with my body have been GREATLY healed and aided with your care. I am blessed that our paths crossed.

L. L., Hawai`i

My health was so bad, it threatened my career. The doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital were loath to diagnose me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but that’s what it was. They’d given me all the tests and kept me on an ever-changing prescription of antibiotics for six months. I didn’t have Lyme Disease or Epstein-Barr or Diabetes. Like many military officers, I had suffered innumerable traumas and stuffed them inside until they ate me away. All systems were crashing when I sought Janine’s help. I was sleeping 22-hour periods, pouring a pool of nightsweat off the sheets when I’d awake. I could barely do anything, even shop for groceries, and every cold or flu that came around clobbered me. Soon, I was more worried for my life than my career.

Janine’s acupuncture treatments gave me hope in just the third or fourth treatment—but number 22 was the miracle. During that 22nd treatment, I felt like I woke up, like I had been asleep (even imprisoned) for 10 years.

The CFS had been the final stage of those 10 years, but I started recovering quickly after that, and I used Janine’s advice for simple and practical changes in lifestyle to rebuild my strength. Then, she began working with my nutritional needs. Not only did I get my life back, I began a new life feeling better than I had since my early 20s.

I learned that if someone works with her, they can achieve amazing results. It’s mostly up to the patient, but I am forever grateful to her skill and guidance.

LCDR, Washington, DC

PS) On several occasions, Janine has been able to turn off a gargled-glass sore throat—just like flipping a switch.

I am so happy to write this; I could go on and on…

I became a patient of Janine’s when she was in her last year of Acupuncture school in 1992. Once she graduated I followed her. The level of treatment that Janine provides is amazing; not to mention her knowledge. Her continuing and ever expanding education in other areas of holistic health adds tremendously to the overall care and attention she provides to me, and, I’m sure, to each and every patient. Janine’s move to Hawaii in the mid 90’s forced me to find another acupuncture provider. I saw four acupuncturists and never did I get the deep, effective level of treatment that I received from Janine. I am thrilled that she has come “home”; and even though she is practicing in Pennsylvania, I will joyfully make the trip from Maryland for my acupuncture treatments.

RM, Cockeysville, Maryland