Combining Other Forms of Healthcare with Acupuncture and Nutrition

Five-Element Acupuncture and Functional Nutrition is concerned with you as a whole person; it works quite well in cooperation with other forms of therapy or Western Medicine.

Although Acupuncture helps the person achieve greater health, long-term, chronic, or acute misalignments can best be addressed by specialists. A healing partnership between an Acupuncturist and a Licensed Chiropractor, Osteopath who practices structural manipulation, Craniosacral Therapist, Zero-Balancer, or Rolfer can produce extraordinary results.

Likewise, there are many times when Janine refers a patient to an Endocrinologist, a Radiologist, or other medical specialist. Often, Acupuncture helps promote or enhance the healing process of someone requiring a doctor’s care. Acupuncture is especially helpful in preparing someone for surgery and for recovery after surgery. Acupuncture and Functional Nutrition have been effective in helping patients, including those with advanced-stage cancer, through the side effects of drugs, including chemotherapy.

Though Janine never contradicts a medical doctor’s instructions, drug prescriptions, or surgical recommendations; many patients find that Acupuncture allows them to lessen or eliminate drugs and/or certain forms of surgery.  For example, some patients afflicted with carpal-tunnel syndrome–even those scheduled for surgery–do not need surgery after receiving Acupuncture.

Janine has also been called upon on several occasions to help ease the burden of a patient who is in the waning weeks of his or her life.

Janine is very happy to discuss these benefits with your other healthcare practitioners.