Unique Case Histories

Janine’s goal is to work with a patient to achieve balance and maintain wellness.  With that, certain symptoms may improve or be eliminated.
Below are some illustrations:



The symptoms of allergies, runny noses, watery eyes, itchy skin, etc, are actually the positive ways a body combats allergens.  Taking medicine to relieve these symptoms is comforting but never a cure and may mask the body’s warning signs.  Each client presenting allergy symptoms must be considered carefully, because each reaction has several components–and the client’s sensitivity may be an additional factor.  A military officer with sinusitis that flared up several times a year was treated successfully by Five-Element Acupuncture.  He has continued with maintenance treatments for ten years, and he hasn’t had what he calls “an out-of-the-blue flare up” for that entire time.  If he gets sick or eats certain types of food, his sinuses will react a little, but he has had nothing approaching a “sinus attack” since beginning Five-Element Treatment.


Acupuncture usually has success treating Asthma.  Acupuncture works very well in supporting the functions of the lungs and kidneys.  Acupuncture can help moisten or dry the lungs, depending on the condition requirements; therefore, the use of inhalers and other drugs can be lessened or eliminated.  A 66-year old woman had suffered with Asthma for over 23 years.  When she came for treatment,  she was using three inhalers, steroids, and taking several medicines to counteract the side-effects of the other medicines.  Despite all those drugs, she was still suffering Asthma attacks.  Five-Element Acupuncture addressed both the physical and emotional components of her condition.  As she came into balance, she became aware of unresolved grief and developed an appreciation of worry present in her life, helping her to see the deeper components of her condition.   She was off her medicines in just two treatments and was symptom free in four months with the following treatment schedule:  once/week for two months, followed by twice/month for two months, then a maintenance routine of one treatment every four-to-six weeks.


A 45-year-old male, computer programmer suffered with CTS.  He wore a brace for months.  When his condition worsened to the point of requiring surgery, he sought help with Five-Element Acupuncture.  All pain and the need for the brace were relieved in two treatments.  Receiving monthly maintenance treatments, he was symptom free for two years.  This Maryland client discontinued treatment when Janine moved to Hawai`i.  Eventually the symptoms returned, and the client chose surgery.  There are several studies showing Acupuncture to be very successful in treating CTS.  While Janine has had success in relieving the pain of some clients with just two treatments, the number of treatments depends on the severity of each client’s condition.  Often CTS comes from pinched nerves in the neck, which leads to inflammation in the neck, shoulder, arm, and/or wrist.  Acupuncture can relieve both the neck trouble as well as the inflammation.   Likewise, this same approach can benefit anyone suffering with a repetitive motion injury.  A woman in her forties with tennis elbow needed only three Acupuncture and Massage treatments to relieve her condition.


This patient suffered tremendously for months.  His medical doctor diagnosed him with CFS and prescribed massive amounts of antibiotics.  He slept for long periods, sweating profusely.  For four months he felt so weak he believed, on three occasions, that he would not survive to the end of the day.  It took six treatments, one per week for six weeks, to relieve him of all symptoms. His symptoms were gone, but, if he was greatly stressed, he would begin to develop mild symptoms again.  He continued, with treatment.  After the initial six treatments, we spaced them out to one treatment every ten days, then one treatment every other week, and then one treatment a month.  When he received his 22nd treatment, he had a major breakthrough.  He said, “I feel as if I woke up from a long sleep where I wasn’t in touch with myself.”  He realized that his CFS was either triggered by stress or was, actually, depression stemming from a tragedy that had occurred ten years earlier, a type of PTSD.  At that point, his tendency toward symptoms was gone, and he reclaimed his life.  This patient began his treatment in 1991.  He still receives Five-Element Acupuncture maintenance treatments (at least once a season), and his CFS/Depression has never returned.


Germs are a reality, but why do some people get sick while others seem impervious?  The answers to that question are myriad, but the balance or imbalance of energy–the blockage of Chi flowing through the meridians, the relationships of the Five-Elements within a client’s constitution–those are factors an Acupuncturist can help with.  Some people think Acupuncture is only for physical aches and pains, because they associate meridians with nerve pathways, but Acupuncture is very effective with pathological conditions.  Cold or Flu symptoms are often relieved in one or two treatments, especially when followed by some rest (from a few hours to a day).  Five-Element Acupuncture is especially effective with chronic conditions.  A man whose son committed suicide developed a dry cough that lasted for a year.  This condition was more like Asthma than a cold and was easily treatable with just a few Five-Element Acupuncture treatments.


Janine was first introduced to Acupuncture when she sought relief for migraine headaches.  She hasn’t had a true migraine in twenty years, thanks to Acupuncture.  In Five-Element Acupuncture, ten clients could be treated ten different ways for a headache, because there are many types of headaches and each client is an individual.  Acupuncture is very successful with headaches.  In some instances, though, the client must change his/her diet.  If a headache, or any other type of body ache stems from a structural misalignment, Chiropractic may be necessary.


Often called, “The Silent Killer,” High Blood Pressure is the result of numerous factors, including heredity and prolonged stress.  Acupuncture can definitely address stress.  Five-Element Acupuncture works holistically with someone’s body, mind, and spirit.  Sometimes, nutritional supplements are also of benefit.   High Blood Pressure can be difficult to lower, but several clients have had success with treatment and, of course, a change in lifestyle, including diet and exercise.  One client had the dosage of his prescription drugs cut in half.  What’s most remarkable about Acupuncture is that after beginning treatment, clients are more likely to embrace the necessary lifestyle changes.


This occurs when someone encounters a trauma that can overcome the senses and produce psychological, emotional, and physiological challenges.  Although we usually associate PTSD with victims of abuse, other crimes, a disaster, or war, many people suffer from milder forms created by less dramatic trauma.  The holistic ability of the Five-Element Acupuncture diagnostic and treatment protocols has provided dramatic relief with PTSD.  Because of the sensitivity of the cases Janine has treated, she has elected to not be more specific here.  Depending on the depth, duration, and severity of the trauma and PTSD, treatments may be most effective when spread out over months and combined with some nutritional supplements.  In addition, there are occasions when the help of a mental health specialist should be combined with Five-Element Acupuncture.


There is no magic switch to reduce weight.  If a client is committed to losing weight, Acupuncture and dietary changes can definitely help.  Auricular acupuncture points can help relieve cravings.  Five-Element Acupuncture, in particular, addresses the whole person: body, mind, and spirit; therefore, all factors involved in someone’s weight can be treated in a holistic way.   Many clients have sought Acupuncture and nutritional protocols to help with conditions other than weight management; yet, when their energies were balanced and their systems began functioning in harmony, their metabolism, self-esteem, and other factors were improved and weight loss was a pleasant bonus.