Water is the foundation of life. It expresses stillness, power, cleansing, and refreshment.

Water supports every cell in the body. Without fresh, pure water in our bodies and in our environment, we compromise the vital integrity of our health.

The Water Element’s two officials, the Kidney and the Bladder, store and control water in the body. It is important to replenish water in our bodies daily. Water is eliminated through perspiration, breathing, urination, and defecation.

The Water Element is associated with the winter season. The emotion that corresponds to the Water Element is fear, the interrupted flow of energy that can cause someone to become immobile or “frozen.” This can manifest as dry mouth, excess perspiration, sudden or frequent urination, the inability to have clear thought, among other symptoms.

Water Element imbalances can create kidney disease, back and bone maladies, and some types of asthma, urinary track infections, headaches, skin problems, fatigue, infertility, aging, deafness, and arthritis.